The name FairwayPhotos seemed like a natural extension of my career in the golf industry and my love of photography. I retired after a long career as the Director of the Presidents Golf Course in Quincy Massachusetts. Since that time, I have worked tirelessly on photography and meeting my clients imaging needs.

I have found that I've really migrated toward a few types of photography. They are as follows:

PORTRAITS: I cant believe how much I enjoy shooting portraits. I love to capture the essence of the person and provide them with a set of portraits they will cherish for years to come. While I do have a small studio set here in Plainville and portable backgrounds and lighting I find I really prefer shooting in natural light outdoors. There is softness and life like quality to these images which cannot be replicated in the studio.

My favorite portrait work has been senior graduation shoots. I'm thrilled to provide these young people a portrait that represents their transition from student to their adult lives.

While shooting engagement and couple portraits I love to capture the love and intimacy between two people. Again, I find the natural lighting and settings emphasize the love and connection the couple share.

And family portraits create memories that will last a lifetime. I try to capture the fun and joy of family life that will stir thoughts of those times in their lives as they move forward on their journeys.

One of the few times I prefer studio/indoor shoots is for professional head and shoulder shots. I try to provide a dignified professional image that will work for websites, social media, and company needs.

GOLF IMAGES: I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph some of the most famous golf courses in the world, including Augusta National, Pine Valley, Pebble Beach, The Teeth of the Dog, Banff Spring, and many others. I'm available to provide you with images for scorecards, websites, promotions, prizes and gifts.  I have had the oportunity to photograph a number of local and regional tournaments here in Eastern Massachusetts for both the MGA and Norfolk County Classic.  If you'd like to add a nice touch and provide memories of your club's event, I'd love serve as your photographer and provide memories of that event.

FINE ART LANDSCAPE;  New England is such a ripe area for fine art landscape.  From our extensive shorelines to the hills of western Massachusetts, to the mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire there seems to be a stunning image around every corner.  I live for the shot that when you open it full sized on the computer it takes your breath away!  And I'm certainly thrilled to share these images.

EVENTS: Whether its a golf event, party, or fashion show, I will work hard to ensure your event is captured with images that will thrill everyone.

You will find I'm professional in my approach to photography and my rates very reasonable.



Member of the Professional Photographers of America

Member of the International freelance Photographers Organization

Member of the Stoney Brook Camera Club